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Current Detection Sensor (TB002-CD)
CTI Electronics
List $19.95

Great for layouts employing block wiring. Electrically senses the presence of a train's motor to determine block occupancy. But this sensor goes one step further - it also detects the train's direction of travel! That makes it an ideal choice for automating signaling systems, where knowledge of not simply block occupancy, but also direction of travel are important. (Each fully assembled mini-PC board features two complete current detectors.)

Dual DCC Sensor (TB002-DCC)
CTI Electronics
List $19.95


Magnetic Sensor (TB002-M)
CTI Electronics
List $4.95

A miniature magnet and reed switch combination. The sensor's small size allows easy installation without disturbing existing trackwork.

Infrared Sensor (TB002-IR)
CTI Electronics
List $2.95

The perfect sensor for use in applications where train length detection is important (e.g. grade crossings, sidings, etc). Contains infrared transmitter, receiver, and resistor assortment.

Photocell Sensor (TB002-PC)
CTI Electronics
List $3.95

Very easy to use. Employs existing room lighting as the signal source. Trains passing overhead block the light, triggering the sensor.

3-Rail Current Sensor (TB002-3R)
CTI Electronics
List $11.95

For use with 3-Rail layouts employing an insulated outside rail track section. (Each fully assembled mini-PC board features two complete 3-Rail detectors.)

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