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LokSound Standard

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Learn more about SUSI (Serial User Standard Interface, PDF)

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4 @ $32.72 ea., 10 @ $31.90 ea.
List $40.90

Non-Sound Decoder
• Autodetection of digital or analog operation
• Suitable for any Digital Command Control (DCC) system, including: Digitrax®, NCE, MRC® DCC, Atlas® commander®, Bachmann® E-Z command®, Lenz® digital plus®, Zimo®, LGB® MTS®, ROCO®, Fleischmann® Twin-Center®
• Suitable for AC-, DC- and coreless motors
• Super silent running due to pulse frequency of 40 kHz
• Load compensation for optimal running especially on uphill or downhill gradients; exceptional slow running characteristics
• Load control can be adapted to any motor by means of 3 CVs
• Dynamic Drive Control (DDC) - Back EMF active at low speeds for smooth slow running operation with reduced influence at high speeds
• Back EMF also active in conventional AC or DC mode - User has full control of motor and acceleration
• Acceleration and deceleration can be switched with function button
• Switcher mode (half speed) can be activated with function button
• Up to 4 auxiliary function outputs suitable for smoke units, interior lighting, automatic couplers, for raising and lowering pantographs, ditch lights or lighting the fire box
• Individually adjustable brightness of lighting
• Special lighting effects such as blinking, fire box, Mars light, Gyra light etc. can be set for each function individually
• Function mapping. All functions can be allocated to any of 12 function buttons. Multiple allocations are possible allowing for the combination of sound and functions e.g. the sound of shoveling coal and light flickering in the firebox
• Short circuit protection for motor and function outputs

LokSound v4.0
List $139.99
Sound File Number

DCC Sound Decoder - Now In Stock!
The soundfiles have not yet been completly updated, we use the same numbers listed for the version 3.5.
Technical Data
Review v 3.5
LokSound Basic Programming Guide (PDF - 120 kB)
MORE INFO, Consisting Issue Solution

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Technical Data

Modes NMRA/DCC with 14, 28, 128 drive steps and automatic detection.
  DCC 2-digit & 4-digit addresses.
  Digital Motorola® (old and new), up to 28 drivesteps in Motorola®-mode. Up to 255 addresses in Motorola®-mode. 2nd address for function keys F5 to F8.
  Selectrix® operation with 31 drive steps. Extended functions for up to 8 function keys (suitable control station necessary).
  Analogue DC and AC operation (deactivation possible).
  Automatic recognition of the operating mode and the DCC drive step configuration.
  Supporting Lenz® LG100, Märklin®, Roco® braking modes. Supporting Lenz ABC brakes and Märklin® brake mode
  Reverse bit
  Intelligent programming mode with Märklin® 6021®. Suppoting programming modes for ROCO Lokmaus 2 and ROCO Multimouse.
  Connection to DC-, AC-motors with permanent magnet.
  Noiseless, motor saving control with 40 / 20 kHz pwm frequency
  Motor output protected against overload. Load control of the 5th generation (possible to deactovate) Dynamic Drive Control.
Function outputs: 4 amplified outputs
  max. 250mA load for each output
  Total current for all function outputs ca. 500mA. Outputs short circuit protected
  Free individual function mapping. Function keys F0 to F28
  2 logic outputs. Serial protocol for C-Sinus and light control
Sound unit: 8 (!) individual sound channels
  High power amplification with about 1.8 Watts
  Soundfiles in the internal flash memory modifiable
  Modes for Steam-, Dieselhydraulic- , Dieselelectric- , Electric locomotives, battery railcars, hybrid locomotives and so on
  32 MBit sound memory (up to 276 seconds)
Energy buffering: Connecting for ESU PowerPack available
Communication: Full RailComPlus® integration
Loudspeakers: Impedance 4-8 Ohms, 4 Ohms recommended. Special speaker 4 Ohms, 23 mm diameter (with sound chamber) included in delivery
Dimensions: 30.0mm x 15.5mm x 5.5mm

LokSound PowerPack
List $57.90

LokSound PowerPack, Energy Storage for LokPilotV4.0 and Loksounf Micro V4.0 Decoder.

LokSound Programmer
List $199.99

LokSound Programmer set: LokSound Programmer, power pack, serial cable, USB adapter, software CD ROM, user manual.

LokSound Reprogramming

Reprogramming the decoder to a different sound after receiving the unit.
LokSound Reprogramming is a fee we charge for reprogramming a customer's LokSound if they send it to our shop for reprogramming.
Does not apply with a purchase of the new LokSound decoder.

  Phone: 800-978-3472 or 802-878-5005.
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