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Installation and Maintenance Aids

Axle Pick-ups - part # 55-001-04
List $6.95

4 axle pick-ups for adding pick-up to HO insulated metal wheelsets
Part nr 55-001-04

Bullfrog Snot
Bullfrog Snot
List $24.95

Make Your Own Traction Tires with Bullfrog Snot!
Bullfrog Snot is a polymer based compound that you spread on the drivers of some of your more slippery locomotives to make them pull the way they ought to. Extracted from the suffering sinuses of mature Mojave Macho male frogs in mating mode as fast as our wrugged wranglers can wround 'em up off their free wrange and herd 'em in....

DeoxIT Conductivity Enhancer
List $9.95

DeoxIT made by Caig
Caig DeoxIT is an electronics cleaner, and conductivity enhancer. Great for helping older locos with spotty pick-up! Here's what a customer had to say:
"After many years and many real-time miles of service, my Oriental Powerhouse Pacific had become as balky as a bull calf in a neutering pen. Pick up had never been that good, due to Oriental's wierd cotter-pin-like attachment of the tender trucks to the tender floor, which also served as the sole pick up system. I was ready to tear into it to fix it "right" with screws and wipers -- but was encouraged by Tony's to first 'try' DeoxIT, which took less time to do than to tell. Couldn't believe it. I don't think it was this smooth when new; the thing runs like a diesel now, which is hard for me to admit since I really don't /like/ diesels... "
Budd S.
Berlin, Vermont

Kapton Tape
Tony's Train Exchange
List NA

Super adhesive tape. Thin, heat resistant, insulating.
See it here.

NMRA Plug and Socket
Tony's Train Exchange
List NA

NMRA Plug & Socket, 2 x 4
Price per set

Stik Tak
Tony's Train Exchange
List NA

Adhesive material, 1 blister pack.
See it here.

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