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Latest Lenz Developments.
April 1998

The following products from Lenz Elektronik can be used by all NMRA DCC systems.

DC Protection Module, LT100 MSRP $48.00

The LT100 serves to electrically isolate a DCC operated layout area from a conventional DC operated one. The LT100 momentarily breaks the power supply to the conventional side of the layout when the isolation gap is crossed. This protects both the DC power supply and the decoders when the locomotive bridges both sides of the gaps between these two sections. One LT100 is needed for each conventional DC power supply.

LV101 Power Station MSRP $150

LV101 is the "successor" of the previously available LV100. New features include user selectable DCC track voltages a new plug-in connector on the rear. This connector is provided now for devices that will be available in the future, so that you can continue to use your LV101 later on without modification.

The LV101 is designed to provide clean and safe power to your DCC layout. Safety features include:

  • Short/overload detection that turns off the power to the track whenever a short or overload condition is detected. This protects both your trains and the LV101 electronics.
  • Opto-isolation to safely isolate your control bus wiring from your track wiring. This eliminates any possibility for hidden ground loops through your power station.
  • Fail Safe runaway protection is provided by requiring a 7 volt signal on the DCC Control Bus (the C and D wires). This prevents the LV101 from accidentally sending out power to the track when the command station stops transmitting packets.
  • The LV101 provides the ability to adjust the track voltage level. This adjustment is useful if you for instance want a lower output voltage for an N scale layout. You can select an area between 11.5V and 22V.

LK100 Reverse Loop Module MSRP $52.00

The LK100 is specifically designed to simplify wiring of reversing loops on two-rail DC model railroads using Digital Plus. This is a newly redesigned version that has the added plus of a potentiometer to adjust the desired sensitivity in reverse loop. The maximum current draw in the reversing loop for HO has been increased to handle 5 Amps of continuous load.

The LK100 has is only for DCC operation and can be used by all NMRA DCC systems. The LK100 adjusts the polarity in the reversing section automatically for the passing train without the need of an additional Power Station (booster). On digitally operated layouts, the direction of the train is independent from the polarity on the track, therefore, the polarity of the reversing loop can be changed without stopping the train or changing it's direction. Wiring is simple and using the LK100, loops, Wyes, Dogbones and turntables can be wired without any problems.

These two decoders have recently been introduced to the US market.

LE104 Decoder MSRP $29.95 (with NMRA medium plug)

Although this decoder has a low price, it is packed with features you expect in a high end decoder. Advanced consist control; extended addressing; user settable locomotive front end; optional user settable speed tables; short form programming on the main for acceleration and deceleration trim; and the outstanding 28 step motor control are but a few examples.

The low profile of the decoder and the extreme flat plug eases many installations.

The LE104 also supports all forms of programming described in NMRA Recommended Practice 9.2.3, including the user friendly direct CV programming mode. The 104, like all Lenz decoders comes with a 3-year "goof proof" warranty and a 10 year warranty for product defect.
Size: 1.52" X .67" .25"

LE103KDUS decoder board (available in North America only) $24.95

This decoder board is designed for Atlas, Stewart, Kato, and Con-Cor locomotives with the Kato Drive or similar motor mounts. The LE103KDUS has solder pads for track pickups and headlights at each end of the decoder to allow easy installation. The decoder mounting is offset allowing the decoder to fit into a wide variety of locomotives.

Although this decoder board has a low price, it is packed with features you expect in a high end decoder. Such as: advanced consist control; extended addressing; optional user settable speed tables; short form programming on the main for acceleration and deceleration trim; and CV29 Direction Bit allows the user to set the desired forward locomotive direction. The LE103KDUS also supports all forms of programming described in NMRA Recommended Practice 9.2.3, including the user friendly direct CV programming mode. LE103KDUS decoder board (available in North America only) $24.95

Comes complete with a full 10 year limited warranty, the industries best.
Size: L3.05"" X W .68" X D .16"
Distance from motor mounts to either end of decoder board :30" and 1.4"

Since user soldering of the track leads, light leads and motor leads to the decoder solder pads is required, this decoder is only recommended for users who have experience soldering electronics.

The following four items are only for Lenz Digital plus users:

LW100 Tower Cab MSRP $ 429.00

For controlling DCC accessory decoders, control panels, and dispatcher controlled switching chains. Compatible with all X-Bus based NMRA DCC systems. The LW100 enables you to directly access each of these devices without entering the numbers of the decoder's address, just by simply pressing a key.

The LW100 can control 256 accessories and 512 panel lights. A group of 16 addresses at a time is directly reachable with the 32 keys on LW100. If other addresses need to be reached, you simply change the group. Beyond the direct control of turnouts, the device is equipped with several options for train route control. It allows you to throw or set several magnetic devices in sequence with one key stroke. Such a switching chain can not only be started by entering a number, but also, automatically, depending on occupied or free track blocks on your model railroad. These switching chains are stored even after the device is powered down.

LW120 Input Board MSRP $90.00

Add-on to tower cab, LW100 is for setting up layout control panels. Each module can control up to 16 turnouts.

LW130 Output Board $90.00

Add-on to tower cab, LW100 is for displaying turnout positions and track occupancy on a layout control panel. Lights bulbs or LED's can be used, 32 lamps can be connected per display modules (each turnout needs 2 lamps) 16 display modules can be connected per one LW100.

LI100, High Performance, Computer Interface MSRP $230.00

The LI100 is used to connect your Lenz DIGITAL plus system or other NMRA X-BUS based systems to a computer. All functions of your DCC system are available to computer programs. The LI100 has a RS232 interface for computer connection and 4-pin connection to the high speed Lenz X-BUS. An exact description of the data protocol between computer and Interface is found on an enclosed floppy disk.

The LI100 Interface can be connected anywhere on the X-BUS with an enclosed plug, just like any other network device.

Demo programs from popular software manufacturers are enclosed on disks: WinLok from DigiToys, Railroad & Co., Train Trek from Tayden Design, KAM, and WinDigital from Abbink Software.

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