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HO Speedometer.

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The Scale Speedometer is designed to measure the scale speed of a model train either HO or N Gauge in MPH or KPH. Great accuracy is achieved through the use of quartz crystal timing and a microprocessor for performing the calculations.

The unit has built-in sensors so no installation is required, the speedometer is simply placed over the tracks so the train will pass between the box and the reflector. When the train breaks the first beam the unit begins counting. After the second sensor detects the train's passage the microprocessor calculates and then displays the scale speed. The speed is displayed for 7 seconds then if the train and cars are clear of the speedometer the unit will automatically reset and wait for the next train. If the train has not passed through in 7 seconds the speedometer monitors the trains passage and will not reset until the last car has passed by.

The speedometer has a very wide range reading as low as .3 MPH up to over 900 MPH. The accuracy is better than .25 % at 50 MPH.

The speedometer is powered by a 9 V battery making it portable.

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