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January 21, 2004

New Lenz Products

Here is today's new product info from Lenz:

Set-LI with LocoCE

We are pleased to announce that the first production release of LocoCE for XpressNet has been completed and tested. We hope to have the master CD in for duplication in the next few days with shipments commencing the beginning of February.


This is a 4 function 1.8 amp silent back emf decoder with a SUSI sound interface. SUSI is a 4 wire interface between a decoder and a sound module or function module. All programming and control of the SUSI interface is through the parent decoder. This allows you to install the decoder now and the sound or function module later. SUSI also allows you to select the best motor decoder and the best sound module for your installation. Because SUSI is a standard, the decoder and the SUSI module can be from different manufacturers. The LE1835 is just a little longer and wider then our LE1014 decoder. 1.5" x 0.69" x 0.16". There will be a MP and a W version.

The LE1835 is in production with deliveries due in late January. We hope to introduce the LE1835 in Springfield in early February.

Gold Series Decoders

These will be our top-of-the- line decoders and are due out in the spring. Our first decoder in this series will be a 1 Amp HO decoder. Special features include the first generation of RailCom and the must discussed USP for use on dirty track. Along with the Gold series will be an external power storage module.

We will publish a lot more about these decoders in February as we get closer to product release but wanted to give our dealers a heads up as these decoders will be far and away the most advanced decoders in the market.

Decoder 5 pack Program

Due to high demand we are continuing our 5 pack program. Our 5 packs will now be the following.

LE1014-WH 5 pack $99.95
LE1025-MP 5 Pack $149.95


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