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January 22, 2012

MRC New Small Sound Decoders

Buy MRC Sound Decoders

MRC's DCC team delivered! Each of these six, small size, (27 x 17 x 6mm) decoders is designed for mounting where space permits, and includes an 8-pin NMRA connector, a 9-pin JST connector, plus a 20mm plug-in round speaker with baffle, and it's designed and tested to operate with any NMRA compatible DCC System and MRC's exclusive line of 'Tech 6' DC Powerpacks with DCC capabilities.

They have the features of MRC's 16-bit decoders...

Item # 0001611 16-Bit Universal EMD 645E
Item # 0001612 16-Bit Universal EMD 645
Item # 0001613 16-Bit Universal EMD 710
Item # 0001614 16-Bit Universal ALCO 244
Item # 0001615 16-Bit Universal ALCO 539T
Item # 0001616 16-Bit Universal EMD 567

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