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August 15, 2012

Adapt-A-Board by Traintek LLC Makes Plug N Play Possible for USA G Scale Trains

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The new Adapt-A-Board by Traintek LLC will replace the existing circuit board in USA Trains G Scale locomotives. It will have the Aristocraft style socket so that Decoders and radio receivers that use this format can be easily plugged in.

Adapt-A-Board™ Features

  • Mounting provisions for using existing factory circuit board screws.
  • Aristocraft style socket for use with DCC Decoders such as QSI Titan Large Scale Sound Decoder or Radio Receivers such as the Crest Train Engineer Revolution™.
  • Connectors for Plug-N-Play connections to USA Factory Motor Leads.
  • Connectors for Plug-N-Play connections to USA Factory Track Pickup Leads.
  • Screw Terminals to access the 10-Pin side of the Aristocraft socket. This is typically unused on most decoders, but this will give you easy access to expanded features of the new QSI Titan Large Scale Sound Decoder.
  • Connection for power to a Phoenix Sound Board.
  • Connection for Battery Power in lieu of track pickups.
  • Connections for locomotive lighting boards. Traintek LLC will be offering replacement LED equipped light boards to allow for discreet control of Headlights, Marker Lights, Number Boards and Cab Lights.
  • Connections for control of Smoke Units including a chassis mounted switch for a hard disconnect of smoke units.
  • To facilitate installation ease, there will be multiple models. The first models will be the GP7/9 and GP38-2 and remaining locos will be a rolling release over the summer.

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